My Date with You

You'll make the proposition

quite subtly, of course,

and, though surprised, I'll say "Yes."

We'll go out--where?

To a music concert, a German film,

or to the temple up the hill.

We'll sit together and talk

celebrating the death of tomorrows.

Then we'll have dinner, usually Chinese,

at some "nice" place,

well-lit and without too much smoke.

For dessert we'll stop at Famous Ice-cream:

you'll love the handmade, fresh-fruit flavours.

And afterwards?

We'll go for a long quiet drive

and I'll give you a gift,

which you'll try to refuse

but accept silently later.


When it's time to leave,

I'll enfold your spirit in mine,

though my arms may remain by my side.

Perhaps, some awkwardness may also creep in

as I walk you to your door. Or,

when from behind a half drawn curtain

you watch my figure

gradually receding into the night,

a pang of incompleteness may linger.


But, later, still asleep,

suddenly, you'll be surprised

by a spurt of surplus joy:

such unearthly dancing

in the forest clearing,

love, love, love, whirling in ecstasy--

light, colour, sound, shape, and emotion,

vibrant in pulsating fusion.

You, latest entrant, into this secret splendour,

delighted at your welcome,

will remember your ancient amours.


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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape