The Night by Moonlight

The night welcomed him with open arms

and gradually divulged all her plans.

A full moon, he coasted into her heart and

floated out of her dark, delighted eyes.

Gently, he brushed her roving depths,

a cheek-stroking feather of light,

a cloud floating through the air

carrying the burden of moonshine.

Intrigued, she asked him who he was

but only her shadow mocked back at her.

Suddenly, she understood:  the night does

not define the moon; the moon gives shape

to the night.  Content, she went limp and

gave up her plans; approvingly, he smiled.

In the morning, seeing the vacant bed,

she cried out, "Oh, he's gone...."

But the bright sunshine revealed

that it was herself she couldn't find.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape