What She Taught Him


Among other things,

to be as good as possible,

and never explain oneself afterwards;

to wait, wait, wait, till it hurts

but humbly receive what’s freely given;

to share as much as possible

only if he didn't regret it later;

always in love to be natural,

not planning obsessively for the future.

Never to expect the other person

to be true, even to her promises;

likewise, never to give excuses or reasons

for his behaviour with her;

never to indulge in recriminations

or be vindictive when it's over;

always, to be prepared for the end

even when so much is left unfinished;

to be grateful for what life offers,

and never push one's luck--above all,

to live with uncertainty,

and, if possible, enjoy it.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape