"Thou Shalt (N)ever Attain


Consider this body to be just a symbol

which hides and suggests something far greater,

a superb knowledge, sublime perfection,

undefeated by the contingencies of daily

existence.  Even if the sharp image of desire

beguiles, seize at once upon that, which

once attained, will forever free--grasp only

the thing itself, shorn of appearances.  Similarly,

when pursuing love, seek not what is thought of

as love, but what it actually is, a power, a force,

a gift, a divine presence. That is the secret

meaning of its descent into our world of hatred.

Remember always, then, that one is not in love

with anyone else, but with Love itself. So prepare

to surrender even if the heart is frightened.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape