Secret of Grace


She stood surprised and shaken

as grace descending

almost swept her off her feet

in its sweet, sudden, swirling embrace.


Her sharp features softened

as it caressed her gently

and smoothened every wrinkle away.

A smile bloomed on her face.


Like rain lashing a dry and thirsty

continent, turning brown to green,

it quickened the empty valleys of her mind

with sunny ideas, luxuriant, teeming, enormous.


Her being swelled out, filled with light

like a hard, bony body suddenly turns

woman; the very perspiration on her brow

and upper lip, was like the nectar of gods.


Her eyes shone with a strange resolve,

she heard voices and sounds from afar,

like the faint but enchanting music

of the spheres; almost, she became wise.


Then, unexpectedly, it stirred again,

commencing its swift, relentless recoil,

leaving her stranded, almost helpless,

her being's puzzle still unresolved.


She stood surprised and shaken

as grace retreating

almost knocked her off her feet

it its rough, rude, unceremonious ascent.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape