Random Notes on Relationship



"It takes restraint to nurture

a relationship.  Haste and greed

finish it quickly:  you eat through

all the good parts and then

there's nothing left to relish."


The would-be husband

frowned upon my advice:

looking at his lovely fiancée

with mock-longing, he quipped:

"When I most long for her

she'll quote these lines,

as a shield against me."


I thought of the logic

of bourgeois marriages:

demurely saying "please wait" before;

"yes" only after the completion

of all the paper work--

and never being able to say "no"


how law, custom, and culture

regulate the entrance

to a woman's body.


The problem is in what we feel,

not with what we do or don't:

it's the emotions behind our actions

that break hearts.

The woman who touches another man

can be taken back, “forgiven”;

but what can you do when

when she’s stopped caring for you

her heart empty or dead?


I used to believe

that truth saves relationships

and deception destroys them.

But I realized too late

that "Human kind

Cannot bear very much reality."

Perhaps, it's what

we hide that keeps relationships

while what we reveal

terminates them.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape