Prologue by a Man in Love

A man in love is unreliable; a good lover,

he makes a bad husband.  Only a woman

who loves such a man knows how he

can break her heart, with the careless ease

of a child trampling flowers.  The wife

of such a man grows hardened, bits

of her love breaking off, until she ceases

entirely to care.  Or she wrecks herself,

seeking oblivion in drink, gambling,

or other men. 

                        Worse, in his eyes

he is entirely innocent—he was made

that way--he has no guilt or shame

as he still continues to fall in love,

again. What's wrong with him?

Why can't he be happy or content with

what he's got, like the other men?

Who knows?  I have no answer,

being such a man myself.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape