Be not practical always my dear

count not your gains and losses,

like a miser her petty change,

worry not overmuch about the

consequences of your desires,

forget about the morrow with

all its cares and disappointments.

Seize the day, as the poets say,

enjoy yourself, before your body

itself withers or decays, but best

of all, try to obtain the object

of your passion, the Other, like

a ripe fruit, plucked, consumed,

and savoured--relish unparalleled.


Dear me, be practical nowadays:

distrust love's sugary words,

recognize his various guises,

fear the end of passion, beware

of its bitter aftertaste like

wormwood or gall, preserve your-

self at all costs, yield not

to momentary temptation, but

be well-guarded against any

stray desire or blandishment

lest you awake from your trance

utterly undone, bereft, lost--

damaged and twisted beyond repair,

unfit to give or receive happiness.


My dear, be neither impractical

nor practical, neither careless

nor too careful, neither brave

nor fearful, neither too eager

nor too restrained, but always

poised in the self, surefooted,

balanced in body and mind, neither

seek nor refuse the joys of this

earth, the pleasures of sound or

sense, the myriad flavours of the

flesh, but calmly share in

whatever happiness or pain comes

your way, shunning the excess

of both denial and indulgence.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape