Orders of Being

The function of the imagination is to

fashion thoughts, ideas, and roles

which, in real life, are prohibited or

unavailable, but that doesn't mean that

the world of fantasy and desire is any

less real.  Everything that happens in it

is just as true, factual.  Reality is not

always the basis of imagination;

fact follows fiction, life imitates art,

just as often.  The two realms are,

moreover, interconnected by a curious

method; each has its own internal codes

or conventions.  You may not step from

one into the other without making the

requisite alterations.  Best to consider

them in a dialogic interanimation:

actuality-imagination, fact-fiction.

The only way for wisdom

is to find a satisfying balance,

melding one with the other,

enriching the undivided whole,

a poised but fecund imagination with

a life of austere abandon or perhaps,

vice-versa.  Love profane and sacred are,

in fact, one and the same, as we always knew;

there is no dichotomy, just one continuum.

Yet their identity is proven only when

the profane seeks the sacred in all

its actions, spiritualizing the carnal:

if, instead, gods became beasts,

what’s left to worship?  Then nothing

remains sacred, all’s profanation.

Better for us humans to aspire to the celestial.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape