Kama's Creed

Love is a religion, a faith, a cult,

and its votaries or practitioners

are a breed apart, with their own

secret rites and rituals, beliefs

and dogmas.  The temple of love

has its own priests and laity, adepts

and novitiates, its own ceremonies

of innocence, its own flags, banners.

Love is a city, a state, a country,

with its own government, administration,

its own laws, its own constitution,

its own President or Head of State.

The Republic of Love is democratic,

for love abhors coercion; hearts

freely given and taken are its mode

of exchange.  The currency of love

is innocence; it is never devalued

or upgraded.  The fluctuations of

the international economy do not

affect its fortunes.  Speculators

and other such hustlers don't always

fare well here because no matter

how many hits they score, they still

cannot enter into Love's hall of fame.

That's because there's an unwritten

but well-known code of conduct which

determines the course of love on earth:

never betray anyone in love,

never make false promises,

never break even a single heart,

never destroy hope, in short,

never intentionally betray or hurt.

Fidelity, not to a person, but to Love

is the first and last principle.  Those

who cannot follow this simple rule

are unfit for Love’s magic demesne.

Those who love will not be judged

by the standards of this world;

even if they fail in earthly terms,

they will be saved and forgiven

for satisfying heaven’s more stringent

standards:  they will be judged

according to laws divine for

ultimately, the true Beloved

is none other than God.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape