Cupid's Dessert

I sacrifice myself at the altar of your desire,

Pouring my heart's blood into the cold chalice

Of your unfeeling eyes; afterwards, I collapse,

drained of all vitality, helpless and bereft.


Like a beheaded hero have I fallen, unclaimed,

on some savage and futile battlefield faraway,

a useless corpse, mangled beyond recognition,

attacked by scavenging birds and stray dogs.


When I return to myself, I'm desolate.  No spring

sings in my heart's barrenness; not even a shallow,

stagnant puddle, overgrown with weeds, remains:

how I have exhausted myself in your sandy wastes.


My passion is defeated by your indifference

Like God's love wasted on erring mortals.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape