Untouched by the words it sings

The voice retains its pristine quality.

Even when the lyrics signify messy happenings--

Heart-break, perfidy, crass sensuality:

The guiltless voice countenances the emotions,

Rehabilitating them to their original innocence.

What a range of love has she expressed,

Unrivalled in achievement and finesse.

Yet she retains the untainted sacred spirit:

The high-priestess of love remains a virgin.




She sings of love profane

The voice is coquettish and throaty

Suggesting rich experience:

It promises fulfillment

Of passions, ecstasies, desires,

The silky intoxication of the self-annihilating embrace,

An invitation to seize the night,

For tomorrow is uncertain and yesterday unknown:

So come into my inviting arms, she sings...

After all, flesh is flesh.


Thus together the two demonstrate in love

The sisterhood of the spirit and flesh.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape