All the cliches in love poetry, it turns out, are true.

Eyes have sex organs and sex organs have eyes.


As Ma Ananda Sheela said of Rajneesh:

He didn't sleep with me, but he was a man of my eyes.


From across the room, her eyes made mouths at him;

But she discovered that she was moist between her legs.


Without saying anything she did it all with him;

Women are like that, he thought, silent but devastating.


He did nothing to her, but she still squirmed uncomfortably;

Eyes, not hands, should be clean.


With mounting pleasure her lids dimmed gradually;

When the eye of love opens, the other shuts automatically.


When she said, exasperated, but I have only two eyes,

How conveniently one forgets oneself, he thought shamelessly.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape