The Third

There's just you and me, love:

There's no third between us.

All those that came before were shadows,

And those that came after were echoes.

I loved none of them; none loved me.

I told you once before, I have no will of my own:

Whoever loves me, I am hers.

Yes, in some measure, I belong to all of them,

But because only you loved me completely,

I can belong completely only to you.

So love, there is no third between us:

But, perhaps I am mistaken, I stand corrected--

There's a pussy cat.  She loves me and I love her;

As a matter of fact, there she is

Sitting right in front on my table.

But is she a rival, or a deputy,

Whom you have installed in your stead,

To watch over me and check my roving eye,

I leave it to you to adjudicate.

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  Copyright © 2005 - Makarand Paranjape