Sacred Australia:  Post-secular considerations

In this challenging and thought-provoking collection of essays the idea of ‘sacred Australia’ is explored through literature, art, architecture, aboriginal studies, sacred geography and a range of cultural phenomena—from sport to performance art—by leading academic writers, artists and commentators.

Sacred Australia includes papers by Bill Ashcroft, Peter Boyle, John Bradley, Mark Brett, Geoff Cheong, Frances Devlin-Glass, John Docker, Dennis Haskell, Sudhir Kumar, Anne Marsh, Freya Mathews, Peter Murphy, Makarand Paranjape, Deborah Bird Rose, Graham Seal, David Tacey, and Claudia Terstappen.

‘... a fascinating mix of personal encounter and scholarly meditation.’ —Paul Sharrad.

‘This collection presents a compelling case for reviewing Australian culture past and present, indigenous and settler, through the lens of the sacred. Reflecting the new and overdue interest in the sacred in postcolonial and transcultural studies, it focuses on reconciliation, showing the many ways in which indigenous and settler views influenced each other. It helps us see how both are evolving, as we contemplate the limitations of the dominant paradigm of secular modernity...’—Gareth Griffiths

Australian edition--Clouds of Magellan
Indian edition--Aditya Prakashan

  Copyright 2010 Makarand Paranjape