Academic Papers

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Aesthetics and Ideology: The State of the Art

Agonized Fragments: Saundarya, Modernity, and the Aesthetics of Duality

A Poetry of Proportions:  Nissim Ezekiel’s Quest for the Exact Name 

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Indian English Literature

Dom: A Critical Appreciation

Dominance and Dissent:  Interrogating the Terms of Discourse

From (Lack of) Civility to (the Fullness) of Passion: Towards a Common Future

Going Global: Bollywood and the New Indians Abroad

Hindi Hain Hum: Account of a Vibhashi’s Romance with the National Language

In the Interstices of Tradition and Modernity: Exploring Ashis Nandy's Clandestine and Incommunicable Selves 

India's Truth

Indian English and its Con-texts: Re-presenting India in our Time

Interrogating Diasporic Creativity: The Patan Initiative--A Valedictory Address

Love Matters 

National Education: Problems and Prospects

Neo-Gandhian Praxis: A Personal Report

One Foot in Canada and a Couple of Toes in India:

Diasporas and Homelands in South Asian Canadian Experience

Postmodernism and India

Representing Swami Vivekananda:  Some Issues and Debates

Sruti, Smriti and the Individual: Rethinking the Idea of Parampara in India

Svaraj and Postmodernism

Still Searching for Svaraj? India after Gandhi

Teaching Literature Today

The Allegory of Rajmohan’s Wife: National Culture and Colonialism in Asia’s First English Novel

The Availability of Mahatma Gandhi: Towards a Neo-Gandhian Praxis

The Cultural World-System and Indian English Literature

The Dharma of Technology

The Future of the Past and the Past of the Future 

The Life and Death of Faith

The Pedagogy of the Translated

The Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi's Educational Philosophy for the 21st Century

"The Reluctant Guru": R.K. Narayan and The Guide

The Renaissance in India

(Third)worlding the House of Literature: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Weltliteratur---An Early 21st Century Indian Response

Tradition, Modernity and Post-Modernity/Region, Nation, and Internation: Challenges in Theory

Vernacularising the Master Tongue: Indian English and its Con-texts
Balle Bollywood: Bombay Dreams and Postcolonial Realities
“Home and Away”:  Colonialism and AlterNativity in India

Indian Anglophony, Diasporan Polycentricism, and Postcolonial Futures

Post-Positions: A Selfish Review

The Absent Postcolonial in Postcolonial Discourse
The End of Post-Colonialism

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